Coronavirus Loan Assistance: January 15 Extension

First and foremost, we hope you and your family are doing well given these trying circumstances. Everyone is under significant stress due to this evolving situation and the uncertainty it brings. Even though the world has made significant progress in evaluating and treating this virus, lives continue to be affected. SWE Homes is offering an interest free loan from $500-$1,000 to customers who are experiencing a substantial economic hardship as a result of the Coronavirus. No payments on this loan until February 2021. We’ve helped many families over the last couple of months and we hope we can help yours too.

Call 713-231-1150 for application!

See some of our testimonial on how this loan helped our clients!:

SWE Homes is trying hard to take necessary steps to provide a clean environment for our customers and employees. As a preventive measure, the payment window on the 4th floor is closed, however we are available during normal business hours to discuss your payment with you, please call us at 713-231-1150. Please use the dropbox on the 2nd floor on the Westpark side of the building near the glass doors. Please remember to put your phone number and account number. Our office is open, however we are trying our best to help customers by appointment only and we kindly ask that only parties to the transaction come. Your SWE team extends to you and your family our most sincere thoughts during these trying times.

 For more information on Coronavirus, please visit

Disclaimer: *Customers may not have more than two late payments. Must be current. No bankruptcy. Other terms, conditions, and restrictions may apply. Borrower can apply for eirther amount, however we may only approve the smaller amount if any amount of the loan does not meet our criteria. 

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