Home Maintenance Tips

Maintaining your home in the best shape is a priority. Here are a few tips from your friends at SWE Homes to save money in the long run:

1. Change AC Filters: Making sure you replace your AC filters will not only make your air conditioning more effective, but it will lower your energy bills. What's more, the AC filter ensures that the air flowing into your home is clean.

2. Take Care of Your Yard: Be sure you routinely mow and fertilize your grass, and that it is green in color. If you have the budget, then light landscaping can help you improve the look of the home. At the very least, make sure that your grass is healthy and that there are no weeds.

3. Clean Gutters: The role of a gutter is to take water from your roof and deposit it away from your home so that it does not damage your property. By not cleaning your gutters, you are putting your home at risk.

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