SWE Deal of the Week!

Our ‘Deal of the Week’ this week is 2701 Davis St! Continue reading so you can picture owning this fantastic property. Whether it is a historic feel or a magnificent home with unique characteristics, this property is sure to catch your attention! 


We will start off with the exterior, this home is surrounded by a combination of both metal and wooden fences that encompass the large driveway where you can park your vehicles while also having direct access to the backyard. As you approach the house, you take a couple steps up to the covered front porch area with a metal gate that leads to the front door. Just from the outside view, you notice this home’s already intriguing feel. When you step inside you are greeted by a stairway straight ahead and the family room to your left. This area feels incredibly cozy with plenty of windows, an exposed brick fireplace, and ample room where you can gather with your friends and family. The kitchen is just as fantastic with wooden cabinets and the functionality to prepare meals. As you make your way through the rest of the house you will notice that there are plenty of unique and timeless accents on the walls, stair railings, and light fixtures that really give the space a custom feel. With four spacious bedrooms and two bathrooms, this property is an ideal living space for you. You also can’t miss the amazing upstairs deck that oversees the rest of the street, and the balcony outside one of the bedrooms where potted plants can go to soak up the sun!  


2701 Davis St is situated on a historic side of Houston where there is plenty of new construction happening within the three-mile radius making it an amazing area to invest in. With direct access to major highways I-69 and I-10, you are going to be able to navigate through Houston effortlessly. Downtown Houston is also just a stone’s throw away and all the wonderful amenities of the city will be available to you as well!  


With its charming details, unique characteristics, and convenient location, this home offers the perfect opportunity to own a truly remarkable investment in the Houston area. If you are interested in more information about our ‘Deal of the Week’ click the listing link or call the phone number below to speak directly with our friendly Real Estate Specialists who are more than happy to help!  


2701 Davis St, Houston, 77026 


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