SWE's Home Tip of the Week

Get out your brushes, It's Painting Time!

Nothing makes your house feel more like a home than giving it your own personal touch. 

Painting your SWE Home can be a fun weekend project for you and your family. 

Here are 6 quick tips to help you spice up your SWE Home.

1. Buy brushes of all sizes for different areas of the walls, roller covers, plastic sheeting to protect your floors, painting tape, and paint pans.

2. Picking a Color! This is one of the best parts of painting, finding a color will set the tone for the room. Purchase a few small cans and paint part of the wall to make sure that you are choosing the perfect color for your walls. Stand back and imagine the entire wall with that color. 

3. Now it's time to measure the area that you will be painting. That way you can know how many gallons of paint you’re going to need. (the general rule is one gallon for every 350 square feet of a surface area) 

4. Protect anything you don’t want to be painted. i.e. floors, trimming, furniture, and clothes! If you don’t want to spend on painters’ coveralls, wear something old that you can throw out later. 

5. Prime your walls This is important as an undercoat of the paint. Not only does it cover the old color of the wall, it provides better adhesion of paint to the surface.

6. Now to let the fun begin! Once you pour the paint into the pan, start with a flat brush to paint the trim of the walls. Then, paint from the top to the bottom and let the roller do the work!

Bonus Tip: When you are done, pat your self on the back and enjoy your lovely newly painted wall. 


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